Process Automation

Rainbow Automation deliver expertise and know-how in systems integration, process design, process automation, and manufacturing. Our expertise and experience spans a broad range of design and manufacturing capabilities to include:

  • Concept Design
  • Concept Proof
  • Process Design
  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Process Automation
  • Product Integration
  • Product Installation

Our engineers have a wealth of experience and knowledge of electrics, pneumatics, robotics, software and mechanics, and work closely with customers to fully understand and support their needs and expectations. This, together with our utilization of a suite of the latest technology design software stations, delivers a rare holistic competence to our customers, who have chosen us as a trusted partner for varied projects from simple machine and process upgrades to full blown turnkey innovative automation projects.   Rainbow Automation solutions incorporate the value-adding processes required to meet customer required outcomes. This can include printing, laminating, coating, video inspection, robot handling, liquid dispensing, liquid drying, product cleaning, cropping and packaging of the final product.   Rainbow Automation custom design process automation solutions are proven to deliver increased productivity, increased production efficiency, improved process flow, reduced energy consumption and increased margins for our customers.

Process Automation image
Part of a full process automation line for sensor manufacture

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