At Rainbow Automation, our formulation chemists bring together many years of experience gained with a broad range of substances such as paints, inks, resins, photo initiators and polymers. This expertise is leveraged internally at Rainbow to both develop and optimize UV resins which are used to dramatically enhance UV drying performance.

Additionally, we provide knowledge and guidance to customers who wish to develop their own chemistry-based products and solutions. This confidential assistance enables customers to prove ideas and products before moving to commercialization of products and the associated costs involved.

UV Chemistry

UV chemistry technology has expanded into many markets over the last 50 years. It has experienced exceptional growth over the period and the future looks promising as the UV cure process is adopted by more and more applications and industries. It is environmentally friendly technology, due to its low energy consumption and very low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds). It offers advantages such as rapid drying time’s improved technical performance including high degrees of mechanical protection and chemical resistance.

The economic benefits are also apparent with low cost ratios when compared to conventional oven dried materials. With increased emphasis on green technology, new environmental regulation and renewable materials, UV technologies are finding increased market share with innovative use of new materials which come to the market Here at Rainbow Automation’ the chemists continuously work closely together with all our suppliers to develop new and modified products for our customer base.

Our product development is focused on providing the best solutions for their needs and the products that they will need for the future. Current projects include peelable protective coatings, conductive inks and pressure sensitive inks. Rainbow Automation provides their chemistry services and technical solutions to a broad range of industries, including the electronics, biosensor, industrial sensor industry and fields with special applications.

In all areas UV chemistry is expected to grow, with processes such as those which require UV LED cure, inkjet and 3D printing likely to have the most rapid growth. Rainbow Automation provides solutions for customer challenges and develops innovative UV chemistry to follow market trends and expand market opportunities for customers who require UV inks & coatings for their projects. Product development is initiated by our sales and marketing team.

They arrange a customer visit to the plant in Hillington where the customer can talk face to face with the chemists about their projects set up plans and targets for them maintain contact through the R&D cycles, to ensure that the customer is happy with the progress. Rainbow Automation offers you the opportunity to enter this expanding UV market without the need for you to purchase equipment or take on staff. Bring your UV project to us, we can complete an initial study to test feasibility and if successful we can then build a project plan along with you and with our chemists advice and help progress it to completion.

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PHD chemists provide expertise in the development of UV resins

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