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Biosensors, Bioelectronics & Lateral Flow - Rainbow Automation Ltd

Rainbow Biosensor Process Line

Rainbow Automation  Bio Strip solutions can be delivered both as individual processes and as complete production lines delivering millions of strips per year.

With in-house laboratories, printing, 3D design suites and product fabrication, Rainbow Automation manufactures an automated range of equipment which captures a full range of processes to include loading, cutting, cleaning, dispensing, drying, singulating and final packaging.


  • Tray loading: cards are placed into a tray and loaded into the process line
  • Positioning 1: cards are positioned onto conveyor
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  • Positioning 2: datum pins locate the  cards for cropping
  • Edge trim: surplus material is trimmed and ejected
  • Cropping: card is cropped in to strips
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  • Strips are cleaned to ensure pristine surface for dosing
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Inspection & Dosing

  • Inspection 1: strip is 100% insepcted to ensure accurate dosing
  • Dosing: precision multi-point dosing of individual sensors
  • Inspection 2: each sensor is 100% inspected for integrity of dosing
  • Fault marking: faulty sensors are indelibly marked
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Drying & Cooling

  • Alignment: 90 degree turntable enables location of process in tight space
  • Drying: 3 x IR drying stations with independent power control
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  • Accumulator: enables strips to be stacked for continuous process flow
  • Imaging: strips are photographed before singulation
  • Singulation 1: single sensors are cut from the strip
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  • Loading: sensors are loaded in to the foil packer
  • Inspection 3: faulty sensors are ejected from process line
  • Sealing: sensors are sealed between foil
  • Singulation 2: packaged sensors are cut in to single packs
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