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HKPCA Show a Busy One for Rainbow Technology

The HKPCA show in Shenzhen, China in December proved to be a busy few days for Rainbow as many potential customers where keen to hear about the status of the first production build of the Rainbow Process Line, which is due to be shipped to China during January. There was also a lot of talk … Continued

Production Ready Rainbow Line Nears Completion

The first fully production ready Rainbow Process Line is nearing build completion at our facility in Glasgow, Scotland. This machine is destined for China and is capable of processing up to 180 double sided inner layer panels per hour at sizes up to 24″ x 22″.

Panda Coating Solves Soldermask Sticking Problems

Rainbow’s Panda Coater applies a slip coating to phototools that ensures excellent release from soldermask, extending the life of the phototools and improving the yield. The coating is hydrophobic, scratch resistant and chemically resistant, allowing easy handling and cleaning and protecting the phototools from dimensional instability normally caused by changes in humidity levels. The coating … Continued

Desktop Prototyping System

The Rainbow Desktop Coating System was designed to bring the benefits of Rainbow’s solvent free wet resist to customers with small scale manufacture or research and development requirements. The machine can also be used for other coating and laminating applications. The system has a working area of 18” x 12″ (457mm x 305mm). For further … Continued

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