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Home - Rainbow Automation Ltd

Our Company

Welcome to the Rainbow Automation group of companies. Based in Scotland, we deliver a broad range of consulting, design, engineering, chemistry and manufacturing services to multiple industry sectors to include Electronics, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Industrial Glass, Sensors, Bioelectronics, Industrial Printing & Coating, and many others. We are also a Sales Centre for Bosch Rexroth products. Our products & services include:

  • The management of customer projects from initial concept, to design and ultimately to the manufacture of the final product
  • Consultancy for products requiring chemistry as part of their development or operating environment
  • Design and manufacture of automation solutions for improved product handling, process flow and efficiency
  • Industrial printing of labels and membranes
  • Systems integration for process lines
  • Permanent removal of particles and contamination from surfaces to eliminate waste and re-work
  • Chemistry and equipment for fine-line microcircuitry
  • Precision coating equipment and chemistry
  • Expertise in drying (UV, LED and Infrared)

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